Architecture Schools' Exhibition 

The International Architecture Schools' Exhibition invites students and professors from several renowned Architecture Schools from all over the globe to biennale's discussion.

The traditional result of architects’ work is designed space,  a material result born in a complicated process of quest. How much is architecture (in the meaning of designed space) influenced by the approaches chosen for creating it? The International Architecture School Exhibition proposes and introduces different methods of studying, defining and questioning space from the most pragmatic and practical to philosophical and contemplative. Attention is shifted from architecture as a matter of fact to architecture as a process of critical thinking. Can unexpected methods of creating space result in unpredictable types of space?

By concentrating and introducing different critical ideas, starting-points, and perspectives, the schools’ exhibition raises the question: how might different methods of approach function in the context of recycling the historical Soviet-era space? 

The exhibition is sponsored by Overall Eesti AS.

The exhibition is open from September 5th to 29th Wed-Sun 12:00-19:00