TAB Lounge


The TAB lounge is a space for meeting and the exchange of information open to all during the opening week of the biennale, set up in the Design and Architecture Gallery in central Tallinn. At it will be held various workshops, discussion and presentations; a pop-up book shop and café will also be open. There will always be someone at the lounge able to answer questions pertaining to TAB, as well as a pleasant atmosphere for improvised discussions, which gives all a reason to just stop by all the same.

TAB lounge is designed by Design Night Festival with furniture of Derelict Furniture, KEHA3, Warm North and Since Design.

The TAB lounge will be open during the Biennale and a few days before, from 2–8 September 2013.

If you are interested in contributing to TAB 2013 Lounge program, sell architecture books or have an idea for alternative use of the parking spaces in front of the gallery, send your proposal to